Shielding Services

Faraday Cage

A prefabricated modular Faraday cage provides a superior screening of RF-signals and is applicable in a wide range of situations for a wide range of purposes as described below.

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When you have developed new electrical devices that needs to be tested, these tests are very expensive and for this reason you do not want that this test must be done several times.

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Studying and measuring the vibration and shock criteria which occur at a present or proposed installation site for precision equipment such as a precision machine tool.

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Well educated RFI professionals

Highly qualified EMC engineers
At Louisiana Shielding Protection you will find everything you need, to solve all your EMC concealing problems.

Nowadays, every company in Louisiana and other states operation in the electronics industry is faced with CE / EMC demands. The use of electronical devices is increasing, as is the exposure to a wide range of frequencies. Radiation and immunity have to be taken into account in early stages of the development of new products. In many cases EMC problems cannot be solved at the PCB level alone and instead, enclosures and cables have to be shielded as well.

Other Services

  • Concealing gaskets with or without water seal

    From board-level shields and Fabric-over-Foam gaskets to fingerstrips and die-cut gaskets according to the clients drawing, we have the right solutions for any EMC/EMI challenge.

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  • Concealing with conductive tapes

    Conductive tapes for RFI (Radio frequency Interference) concealing. These materials are used to shield plastic housings, cables, and enclosures against undesirable electromagnetic signals. The tapes are also used to close seams in electrical enclosures and Faraday cages.

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  • Concealing with conductive foils

    Conductive foils, fabrics and sheet materials for EMC concealing. These materials are used to shield plastic housings and enclosures against undesirable electromagnetic signals. Please select one of the EMC-concealing foils below to continue

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  • Repair and maintenance

    We advise you to carrie out a field strength measurement after several years to see if the concealing performance of your screened room / Faraday cage still meets the requirements.

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